Orthopedic braces, compression stockings & equipment repair
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Our Services

Fittings of Orthopedic Braces and Compression Stockings

Brevard Medical Equipment has Registered Orthopedic Fitters on-staff who are experts in fitting orthopedic braces, compression stockings and compression garments. Brevard Medical Equipment is licensed by the state of Florida to provide Medical Equipment & Orthotic Fitting. Orthopedic braces can be custom fitted for arms, head and necks, wrists, backs, ankles and many other body parts to promote strength and improve function. Call or contact us to make an appointment today.

Repair of Mobility and Medical Equipment

Even the best mobility and medical equipment can break down. Everyday use can make your equipment unusable and unsafe.  If you have mobility and medical equipment that needs repair, even if it was not purchased from Brevard Medical Equipment, please contact us today. Brevard Medical Equipment may be able to fix the equipment immediately or offer loaner products while yours is being repaired.

Brevard Medical Equipment’s Customer Services include:

  • Labor for warranty repair of defective mobility and medical equipment
  • Assistance with arranging for patient travel to and from the area
  • Cleaning of mobility equipment and medical equipment
  • Loaner products while client's mobility and medical equipment is in for service
  • Instruction on mobility and medical equipment operation and safety to client, family and caregiver
  • Provide oxygen conserving devices for client's ease of portability of oxygen

If you need cleaning or repair on a mobility scooter, walker or wheelchair, contact the repair specialist at Brevard Medical Equipment today.

Brevard Medical Equipment are members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Brevard Medical Equipment belongs to the local association of healthcare providers and the VGM Group's national network of healthcare providers.

Brevard Medical Equipment is accredited by BOC and has been since 2008.